The Vaca Muerta is Booming, In Spite of Argentina’s Above Ground Risk

Argentina’s Vaca Muerta contains the second largest shale gas reserves and the fourth largest shale oil reserves in the world. To find out more please click here. 

Fulbright Argentina and IAPG Houston joint scholarship  

We are very happy to announce that Comisión Fulbright Argentina and IAPG Houston reached an agreement for a new joint scholarship supporting Argentineans seeking postgraduate degrees in energy-related studies in the United States. To find out more please click here. 

2021-2022 IAPGH Scholarships  

IAPG Houston is proud to announce that the winners of the 2021-2022 Scholarships have been selected. To find out more please click here. 

IAPGH 2021 Annual Assembly

IAPGH is entering a celebratory year in which it will commemorate the 20th anniversary since its foundation and 10th anniversary of its Scholarship Program. Last August 19th it held its 2021 Annual Assembly where Eduardo Galindez transferred the presidency to Andres Weissfeld and presented all the remarkable accomplishments of the last year. To find out more please click here. 

IAPG Houston 2021 Annual Golf Tournament

The IAPG Houston hosted its Annual Golf Tournament on May 14th. It was a day filled with golf and fun with the participation of members, friends, and associates.
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Exclusive breakfast with the Argentine Ambassador in the US

The IAPGH hosted an exclusive breakfast with Mr. Jorge Argüello, Argentine Ambassador in the United States. The Ambassador delivered remarks and answered questions from the audience, which included senior executives of the country’s largest upstream operators and energy service companies.
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Promoting Scholarships for 2021-2022

The IAPGH Young Professionals committee held a webinar to provide further information about the 2021-2022 scholarships. The IAPGH started granting scholarships 10 years ago! Read on to see the list of scholars who have received help and support to further their careers and also the institution who are making this possible.
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Rystad Presentation “Turbulence and Transition”

We were pleased to host Audun Martisen, Partner & Head of Energy Service Research for Rystad Energy.  Audun’s presentation, held virtually on May 11, was entitled Turbulence and Transition.
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Waste-to-Energy (WtE), Carbon Capture & Sequestration (CCS) and Waste Gasification in North America

This article in this issue will provide International Waste Management Executives a brief overview of the opportunities for Developments in the in the intersection between the WtE (Waste-to-Energy) and CCS (Carbon Capture & Sequestration) market spaces currently developing in the North American Region, with a particular focus in the United States. The main focus will be on WtE, followed by a shallow dive into the opportunity space tax incentives are creating for joint WtE and CCS-enabled projects.
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Development of Argentina's Energy Sector - What's Next?

On December 1, 2020 the IAPG Houston hosted a virtual event focused on the development of Argentina’s energy sector. Mr. Dario Martinez, Argentina’s Secretary of Energy, was its keynote speaker of the event, which was organized in coordination with Argentina’s Embassy in the US and the IAPG in Buenos Aires. Eduardo Galindez, president of IAPG Houston welcomed an audience of over 300 industry colleagues to the event.
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Studying in the US by IAPGH Scholars

Learn more about the Webinar held in November 2020 where the scholars of the IAPGH 2020/2021 shared their experiences about studying in the US, and about the sponsors who made possible for the IAPGH to extend the scholarships.
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IAPG Houston President’s Note 2021

IAPG Houston President, Eduardo Galindez, reflects on the challenging year 2020 and the organization's future goals and upcoming events in 2021.
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