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The IAPG. Houston is an independent non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization incorporated in the State of Texas on March 22, 2002. It shares the principles and character of our sister organization the Instituto Argentino del Petroleo y del Gas, a non-profit organization serving the oil and gas sector of Argentina for half a century

The Scholarship Program is for Argentine professionals planning to pursue or currently enrolled in a graduate degree program in the United States of America in Petroleum Engineering, Geoscience (geology and geophysics), and Environmental Engineering related to the petroleum industry.

Through the Institution’s events and activities you have an excellent opportunity for face-to-face interaction with other professionals representing the most important companies operating in Argentina’s energy sector.


Do you have a question, comment or suggestion to pass along to IAPG Houston? Fell free to contact us using the information provided below. If you need information on how to became an individual member or corporate sponsor of the IAPG Houston, please check all the information you need in our membership information page.