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IAPGH Year End 2023 Celebration

Celebrating a Remarkable 2023: IAPGH Year-End Highlights 🌟

📅 Event Recap: On December 6th, the IAPG Houston community came together to mark the conclusion of an eventful year. Our annual cocktail event was not just a gathering but a celebration of achievements, collaboration, and future aspirations.

🌐 A Word from Our President: María Marta Miná, our esteemed President, shared insightful reflections on IAPGH’s journey in 2023. Her speech underscored our mission, celebrated our milestones, and expressed gratitude towards our sponsors and the Argentine consulate for their unwavering support.

🔦 Spotlight on 2023’s Landmark Events:

Exclusive breakfast with Argentina’s Energy Secretary during CERAWeek
The informative Offshore Argentina/Uruguay Conference
The vibrant OTC Cocktail event
Engaging meetings with YPF, Y-TEC, and AESA
A series of technically enriching webinars
📚 Empowering Education: A cornerstone of our 2023 mission was education. We proudly committed to 14 scholarships, partnering with the prestigious Fulbright Program for half of these. It was an honor to have three of our current Scholars join us, embodying the bright future of our industry.

🎉 The Grand Finale: The evening culminated with our traditional raffle, bringing excitement and smiles, and perfectly encapsulating the spirit of togetherness and joy.

As we bid farewell to 2023, we’re filled with gratitude for our community’s passion and dedication. Here’s to continuing our journey of growth and impact in 2024!