Promoting Scholarships for 2021-2022

On April 29th the Young Professionals committee of the IAPGH organized a webinar to provide further information about IAPGH scholarships for 2021-2022. We had the help and support of IAPG Argentina and two of our 2020-2021 scholars, Francisco Galtieri and Fernando Rey.

The IAPGH scholarships “Claudio Manzolillo” are complementary to other types of scholarships that the students may have. Applicants shall have at least one year of experience in jobs related to their careers, have everything ready to begin their master in August 2021 and have selected a master in an area related to the energy industry. The amount of each scholarship is variable and the due date to present applications is end of June 2021.

We took the opportunity to go over all the scholarships IAPGH has given as of today and how the scholarships have evolved since 2011, 10 years ago. We have given a total of 16 scholarships over the last 10 years to Gisela Porfiri, Damian Villalba, Leopoldo Matias Ruiz, Tomas Perez Abencar, Debora Tieppo, Ian Rostagno, Mathias Engelhard, Francisco Galtieri, Fernando Rey, Gabriel Gallardo Giozza, Maximiliano Vedoya Ramirez and Leonela Aguada.

We have provided all these scholarships thanks to our members and sponsors, and as a result of many events organized throughout these years. In the 2020-2021 period we had the honor of having as sponsors for the scholarships the companies Pan American Energy, Exxon Mobil and Shell, that allowed us to give 4 scholarships.

We celebrate in 2021 10 years of having helped Argentinian professionals achieve further goals in their careers and we are grateful for that.

Author: Carola Rawson