Studying in the US by IAPGH Scholars

As part of the IAPGH’s mission to foster programs for development and growth of experienced professionals and students our institution issues every year scholarships under the name and in honor of one our founders and most distinguished members, Claudio Manzolillo, who has been a strong advocate of this program.

In November 5th, we had the opportunity of hosting a webinar where the scholars of the IAPGH 2020/2021 shared their experiences about studying in US. From the IAPGH we feel proud of these young men and women that seek for opportunities for growing and expanding their networks in every way possible, and are glad to help them and be part of their journeys.

This year, IAPGH together with its sponsors, had four recipients of the scholarships: Fernando Rey who received the “Beca IAPG Houston Shell”, Maximiliano Vedoya who got the “Beca IAPG Houston ExxonMobil”, Francisco Galtieri awardee of the “Beca IAPG Houston PanAmerican Energy” and Leonela Aguada who received the “Beca IAPG Houston”.

There were almost 50 attendees and the topics covered were related to what are the steps to get the visa, how those might be different if you are coming by yourself or with family, how to look for scholarships and how to apply, how is the process of selecting the university and/or master here in US and what are their recommendations after having had the experience.

Fernando, Maximiliano, Leonela and Francisco were open to share their experiences and gave useful feedback for those that are looking for masters here in US. The four of them are at different stages in their masters, Francisco and Maximiliano about to finish and go back to Argentina, Fernando is mid-way to complete and Leonela is beginning next year. They are also at different universities, states and cities, what also has an impact on the way they have gone through the experience. The range goes from University of Columbia in New York, to University of Texas in Austin and School of Mines in Denver.

We thank Maximiliano, Fernando, Francisco and Leonela for their participation in the webinar and having a key role into delivering this information to other potential students that can be helped by IAPGH.

Thank you also to our sponsors Shell, ExxonMobil and PanAmerican Energy, that made it possible for us to extend four scholarships this year.

Information about how to apply to the IAPGH scholarship can be found in our webpage: or by sending emails to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




Author: Carola Rawson