Development of Argentina's Energy Sector - What's Next?

On December 1st, 2020 IAPG Houston hosted a virtual event focused on the development of Argentina’s energy sector. Mr. Dario Martinez, Argentina’s Secretary of Energy, was its keynote speaker of the event, which was organized in coordination with Argentina’s Embassy in the US and the IAPG in Buenos Aires. Eduardo Galindez, president of IAPG Houston welcomed an audience of over 300 industry colleagues to the event.

Mr. Jorge Arguello, Argentine Ambassador to the US, provided some introductory words to the audience, highlighting the will to attract further foreign investment into Argentina’s energy sector. The ambassador highlighted the opportunity to continue developing Vaca Muerta, the only unconventional producing play outside North America, and where all major US companies are participating.

In his presentation Mr. Martinez focused on the goals and timeline of Gas.Ar Plan which was announced in October 2020. The plan aims at providing a predictable price environment for producers and incentivize additional gas production which is expected to reach a cumulative of 30,800 million cubic meters (1.1 Tcf) in the next four years. Complementary initiatives are also being developed to encourage investment and boost production growth across the energy sector, including rules to provide medium and long term predictability to the oil sector and new guidelines into environmental management of oil and gas activities. Mr. Dario Martinez was accompanied by the undersecretary of hydrocarbons, Ms. Maggie Luz Videla Oporto, and Cammesa’s vice president, Mr. Ariel Kogan.

After Mr. Martinez’s presentation the event continued with an open Q&A session moderated by Jose Luis Vitor, director of IAPG Houston. Mr. Martinez provided some additional details on the Gas.Ar Plan as well as commentary on initiatives on other key areas within the energy sector such as the oil and gas midstream infrastructure and the development of alternative energies

Mr. Ernesto Lopez Anadón, president of IAPG, provided closing words for the event highlighting the continuous commitment of IAPG to support the development of the oil and gas sector in Argentina


Author: Andres Weissfeld