The IAPG Houston is an independent non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization incorporated in the State of Texas on March 22, 2002. It shares the principles and character of our sister organization the Instituto Argentino del Petroleo y del Gas, a non-profit organization serving the oil and gas sector of Argentina for half a century.

Our Mission
- Provide a forum for the exchange of relevant scientific, technological, commercial, and regulatory issues pertaining to the energy sector of Argentina and its related markets.
- Facilitate the understanding of Argentina's energy sector business environment.
- Foster programs for development and growth of experienced professionals and students.


President Ranieri, Marcelo
Past President Martinez, Patricia
Treasury Weissfeld, Andres
Secretary Vittor, Jose Luis
Director Acin, Emilio
  Amador, joe
  Braga, Juan Marcos
  De Nigris, Daniel
  Di Vincenzo, Miguel
  Gaarenstroom, Laurens
  Galindez, Eduardo
  Garibaldi, Carlos
  Hitters, Guillermo
  Milazzo, Pietro
  Santimoteo, Lucas
  Spies, Richard
   Uria, Jorge
Deputy Director Rawson, Carola
  Schwartz, Barbara
  Rawson, Carola


IAPG Houston Board History
IAPG Houston was founded on March 22, 2002. In 2004 the organization changed name from IAPG Houston Section to its present name.

We wish to recognize all past members of the Board for their service and dedication. The organization also wish to recognize Oscar Secco, former President of IAPG, our sister organization in Argentina, for his inspiration and unwavering support in the creation of IAPG Houston.

Founding Directors 2001/2002 Hector Raúl Cornelio
  Inés Cornelio
  Silvia Inés Civalero
  Carlos A. Garibaldi
  Victor Heffesse
  Abel Lopez
  Claudio D. Manzolillo
  Gerald Meritt
President Hitters, Guillermo
Past President Milazzo, Pietro
VP Mur, Diego
Secretary McKnight, Colleen
Director Amador, Joe
  Weissfeld, Andres
  Bretti Mandarano, Juan Pedro
  Di Vincenzo, Miguel
  Garibaldi, Carlos
  Viassolo, Daniel
  Macellari, Carlos
  Canedo, Esther
  Uria, Jorge
  Sperandio, Ulisses
  Vittor, Jose Luis
Deputy Director Bosio, Ariel
  Medina, Pablo
President Joe Amador
Immediate Past President Dr. Amalia Olivera-Riley
VP Carlos Macellari
Secretary David Rains
Planning Advisor Maximiliano Westen
Directors Francisco Balduzzi
  Stanley Little
  Miguel Di Vincenzo
  Octavio Molmenti
  Carlos A. Garibaldi
  Daniel Pintabona
  Juan Pedro Bretti Mandarano
  Sean Carnahan
  Carlos Marchani
  Pietro Melazzi
  Rafael Cobeñas
  Beth Alford
  José Luis Vittor
  Neil Hartley