Bibliographic Donation to Universities in Argentina

AAPG PPCThe IAPG Houston (“IAPGH”) has been actively involved as co-sponsor and facilitator of donations of geoscience books and journals to universities in Argentina made by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists - Publication Pipeline Committee (“AAPG PPC”)

The AAPG PPC was founded eight years ago in Houston, Texas by Dr. Martin Cassidy, Consulting Geologist and ex Amoco employee. The sole mission of PPC is assisting students, professors and researchers of universities around the world through large donations of used geoscience bibliographic material. Today the PPC is one of the most active Committees of AAPG under the motto "Geoscientist helping Geoscientists".

The AAPG PPC is an all volunteer committee which collects, inventories, boxes, stores, and sends, donated geoscience periodicals and books to university libraries which are in need of them. Most of the donations are donated by retiring geoscientists, widows and energy companies.

As part of its Education program, the IAPG Houston has been collaborating with AAPG PPC through partial funding support of shipments and the volunteer work of Claudio Manzolillo member of the AAPG PPC. This initiative has made possible the following donations to universities in Argentina.